Monday, April 6, 2015


Ambition. Intention. Action. 3 words that all relate to each other to complete huge success. Have you ever asked yourself what do you truly want to accomplish in your life? Or are you limiting yourself based on your confidence level? Those are some examples of plenty of questions that people should ask themselves every day without a problem. In reality, people never ask themselves those kind of problem solving questions. Have you always wanted to accomplish your dreams or future job in real life but always found a way to "slack off" of it? It happens to everyone in the world and that makes us all humans. But, the only way to make our dreams come true is by taking action to it and start making it happen! You're probably thinking in your mind "gee, I wish I knew how to start becoming a millionaire or how to start my own business ". Start researching about it! The global web provides plenty of information that can help you succeed and help make your dreams come true. Look. People had the ambition to crate what you see and use today! Without ambition, most of the things and inventions you see today will never exist . For an example, if Steve Jobs never had the ambition to help create the first ever iPhone then Apple would be out of business and Samsung would have been the most bought product in the technology business. See ambition is a true key to success that's already present to you. You just have to go out there and start using it to live a happy and successful life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Have More Confidence in what you do w/your daily life!

Have you ever wondered as of how did the most successful people in the world became to be so successful? Success is made off of people's hard work, dedication, and pride for what they like/love to do. So how does confidence play a role into this? Well, confidence is the main thing that helped made those people successful. It was one of their biggest things that they kept on working on. Not just help them reach their potential goals, but it helps them realize that confidence is the biggest thing that made them realize something. That once, you know how to do something, you can do it with confidence and achieve it. For an example, learning how to ride a bike. Everyone was taught at a young age how to ride a bike. Once we got use of riding a bike, we didn't need any help riding it with supervision of our parents. Then, once we develop that learning experience of doing that we found out that there's such thing as competence. Competence is when you get to know more about something that's a challenge to you, the more you will know what you can do to conquer it. Any kind of challenge is completely good and healthy for you because that's what life is all about. Life is going to have plenty of challenges and obstacles that is going to be a struggle dealing with. But, the main point of a challenge is suppose to be a fun and problem that we can all solve out. Look at all of the biggest people who completely changed the history of the world. Martin Luther King had a huge amount of challenges in his life. Just imagine trying your best to motivate millions and millions of people around the world to finally realize that no matter what color we are we're all the same! We're all humans at the end of the day. So, developing competence and confidence is a simple thing that we already have. We just have to realize that we all have confidence to do anything, we just got to start using it! With this important life essential we can conquer anything that we put our mind to. Just imagine how many of our life's dreams we can finally accomplish it instead of always day-dreaming it. Just waiting for a miracle to happen when we can make a miracle and become one of the most famous people that other people wish to be rich and successful as you.

Monday, March 2, 2015

What is life truly about?

Life is a complicated insane and uncontrollable experience that gets more intense every day. Different people go through plenty of crazy experiences in a good or bad way. People make decisions that they either benefit them or regret ever making. I have been through a lot of horrible situations in my life and I will let you know up front that the choices that you'll make in your life will effect you! It will cause you to change as a person and have people look at you in disappointment and a shame. To this day, I learned so many choices that I should have never made in my life. But, I really wanted to try my best to warm you guys to not make the same mistakes I made. I know I know, were all human we all make mistakes. But, sometimes making one stupid mistake can turn your whole life around. It can cause you to hang out with the wrong type of people, make you do things that you're not comfortable with, or even do crazy things that end up in jail. Going to a low class, uneducated school seeing these kinds of teenagers inside and outside of school doing these bad, unexplainable things just makes me in disgust! Even though I am curious as of why most of this teenager population smokes weed, have sex, and are in gangs I know that being a part of any of those things WILL mess up your life. But, the main question is what is life truly about? Why do we choose to do these bad things that we will end up regretting at the end? Is it really worth it? Getting murdered and in prison for doing something that everyone will think that you're "cool" for doing? To be honest, I'd rather have a couple of close friends that I can truly trust for anything and have my back for everything. Than, have plenty amount of "friends" that will betray and leave you when you need them the most. That's the type of friends you have to avoid the most because they're like snakes! They're all over the place and you don't know which one to trust. Also, in my opinion, why do we (as humans) have to go through so many sad and crazy situations in life? The reason is that as humans we have to find a way to become better as people and actually contribute to the world instead of hurting it! The current rap music and popular culture of the 21st century has been at its worst lately! We have to finally realize that we got to stop listening to this type of "rap" music and listen to something that will motivate you! Give you confidence and help you live a happy and healthy life. Because if we start taking action now the earth will be a better place to live think about it. The crime rate will decrease, kids will actually have goals to go to college, and help the future generation of children define what life is truly about to everyone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

School and Popular Culture: The Main Causes of non-successful teenagers!

Through out the era of generations of kids, the type of mentality and approach towards school and their education has really changed. Most children view their education at a very low standard and don't really care about it. That's how the rate of kids and teens skip their classes increase and their bad grades stay the exact way that they had it in the first place! Kids and teenagers don't understand that their education is the only thing that will help them in life after graduation! Its finally time that we should start focusing on our grades and stop making poor decisions that will cause kids to drop out of school! I know that as a student, going to a low class, poor, and inefficient high school its been a very big change for me. Ever since freshmen year, I learn a lot about myself and my decision making in plenty of insane scenarios. Especially, dealing with peer pressure from my classmates. There were times where I didn't know how to react or say to my classmates when they try to peer pressure me to smoke marijuana or skip class. The area that I live in is such a dangerous place to be involved in. Once you get involved with the wrong crowd BAM! Its too late. You end up being under the influence and people look at you like an uneducated poor decision making hooligan. In my high school career, I'm not going to lie, I made plenty of horrible decisions that I regret making to this day. But, it made me a stronger, mature person who learns from their experiences. So, as the future of our generation, we have to try our best to be the best successful people we can be. So, we can also teach our own kids how to be successful in life. To be honest, I am really tired of seeing students wasting their education and not taking it seriously! This proves to people that popular culture can play an effect into any teenagers life. It causes them to buy clothing or accessories they don't even like to wear! Just because a rapper says that smoking and skipping school is cool it isn't cool for you! The main reason why they tell you to do those kinds of dangerous and stupid things is that they're trying to not help you be successful as them! So, they decide to distract you with this irrelevant rap music. So, you can crumble down and be unsuccessful poor and a loser. While, those rappers out there are making millions of money manipulating teenagers to not achieve at their fullest potential. Look at it this way, what makes the world go around? Money. Money. The thing that helps people keep their jobs by letting teenagers (like me) to make poor decisions, end up in jail, and help the government make money. Because look at it this way, if there was no crime in the world today do you know how many jobs Lawyers, judges, etc. would lose? Plenty of people! The government is trying to trap us into a horrible plan of living a unsuccessful life and we finally have to wake up and notice it! We can change this cycle and start doing good, focus on our education and rise above those rappers and athletes and truly be a successful leader! Not just to change our generation, but change History in the United States! So, we can prove to the future generation of kids that we can make a change into the world.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Global Warming the future of the earth!

I thought that global warming was just a superstition. The fact that the Earth that we live on is being harmed every second of our days of our own life. The fact that loitering won't "harm" anything. The fact that the cars and motor vehicles that we use as transportation is killing the air that we breath in. It hurts so much to see that our daily routine doesn't include to help out and learn ways on how to keep our earth clean. By the rate that were going by, once we end  up having our own families, the earths O zone will be so dangerous to breath in! Which, will cause more extinction on our earth. As humans, we don't want this type of horrifying exposure to our lungs and bodies. To prevent this, we should start recycling and take care of our earth. But, the only way that can happen is by taking it step by step. You know, trying to make a big change in the world takes alot of responsibility. But, it also takes plenty amount of time to achieve to your major goal. For an example, start recycling and help to clean up your local community parks through community service. I promise you, you will notice that the earth will start to be a friendly place once all of us start cleaning it and making our place a healthy place to live. And not a trash can!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bullying....Is It Really Worth It At The End?

*Abundant sounds of pushing and shoving* as a group of kids are purposely harassing a kid name Billy. Ignorant kids start to confront him and make fun of Billy because he has a tumor. But, what can Billy do to stop the bullying? Is there really another option when you're stuck in a position where you're being recklessly bullied and harassed by a person/group of people? Especially, when you have a tumor or noticeable disease? No matter what we're all the same. Regardless what color we are. White, Black, Green or Blue we are all the same because were all human. We shouldn't make fun of each other because some one else is blessed with a different scent or ability that no one else has. And to be honest, these kinds of issues pisses me off and arrogates the crap out of me! Because, it's not fair for an innocent person to be made fun out of just because they're not wearing the "Newest Jordan's" or True Religion Jeans or Polo Ralph Lauren T-Shirts. In reality, they probably couldn't even afford to buy one pairs of shoes for themselves! It's a true struggle to still wake up in a world where Bullying is occurring and no one has the guts or heart to admit that he or she is getting bullied right now! To be honest, Bullying is a very serious thing because it can lead to a very high amount of suicides. You think its a a joke when you bully a kid or adult when at the end people will think that you're a joke for being in jail for bullying and harassing a person!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Remark of the Atlanta Hawks

Have you ever expected an underdog team to ever be the greatest team at its prime? No one ever has. That's what the Atlanta Hawks were first viewed as. A crappy, losing team that will never be one of the best elite teams in the league. But, since they're blazing hot fire start people start to finally "believe" that is team can be a team! No, there's not a star player on the team. But, there's plenty of all star caliber players that make this team so difficult to guard. Especially, on the 3 point line. This team is very unselfish. A word that is rarely used in the NBA when it comes down to teams. But, that's why this Hawks team is ranked in the top 5 teams for assists currently. Their deadly ball movement caused the defending team plenty of difficulty guarding shooters like Kyle Korver wide open 3 pointers. Then, Their extremely talented point guard Jeff Teague has taken the league's attention as one of the best point guards in the National Basketball Association. He's 2nd right behind Paul Millsap for most points per game and leads the whole team with most amount of assists. He has proven to an enormous amount of NBA fans that he can be athletic and explosive as Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. Then, there's Paul Millsap. One of the best shooting big men in the league that can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot. At first when he came into the hawks via Free Agency, we thought that he was going to remain as the same player he was when he was with the Utah Jazz. Think again. His outstanding play on offense and defense remarkably shows why he's an back to back All Star.They still needthat one piece to make their way to that championship run. Now, with Horford, the Hawks are 1st in the Eastern conference and no.1 in their own conference. Also, the real fans of the Atlanta Hawks are finally going to their home games and making an playoff atmosphere that will make the opposing team have a difficulty time executing their game plans. But, with 3 all stars and an excellent all star coach, can the Hawks still maintain this "Spurs East" offense when it come down to the playoffs and potentially winning a championship?